Finals week over! :)

Hello readers :)! How’s everyone’s finals week been? Today I officially finished my finals :)! I now only have about a year more to finish the masters program and hopefully graduate in the Spring 2017 semester :)!

So I haven’t had the chance to post as much as I have in the past months lately but I do have a lot of blog posts planned for next year and some for this month possibly :)!

Here’s just some of the blog posts that you may see next semester 🙂

-Blogging about my classes

I haven’t really blogged about the classes that I’ve taken during a semester so for next semester I’ll be blogging about my class schedule so you can know more about the classes that a typical business graduate student has to take.

-Tips on being prepared for the new semester

I’ll be writing a blog about tips for preparing for the new semester to have a successful semester 🙂

-Preparing for the GMAT

If you are planning on going to graduate school and your program requires an entrance exam (specifically the GMAT) then the blog post about the GMAT that I’ll be writing about will be a great read to know what the GMAT is and how the exam format is.



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