Pre-Big/Little Reveal Moments

Hello readers! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted since I’ve been busy with classes all week (and a tough test yesterday 🙁 ) but fortunately the week is almost over. One thing in particular that I have been looking forward to since the semester started (or maybe since I joined APO) is for our Big & Little Reveal which is happening today! : ) I have always wanted to be a Big and my opportunity to be a Big has finally arrived : ) Some of you who aren’t a part of a Greek organization might have a question to ask me of what is it meant by having a little exactly?

Q: What exactly is meant by Big & Little?

Well a Big Brother/Sister is someone who is supposed to be there for you to help guide you through your journey in the organization. Think of them like a mentor who is supposed to always be there for you. The Little Brother/Sister is the person that they are helping. More than just guiding them through the pledge process, I see a Big as being a best friend just like my Big is to me and how I hope to be myself now that I will be a Big.

The week has been full of excitement as everyone who is a Big prepared clues for their littles every day this week in order for them to start getting an idea of who their Big might be.

Be on the look out for a future post about my little : )!!!

That’s all for now : )

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